Launching of Tahqiq Media

al-Hamdulillah, I have been holding back for some time. But I finally have opened an account on a platform to allow the unobstructed expression of the dawah which I have launched on bitchute instead of on youtube. I plan on releasing several series of Islamic video content, but for now, the first series was a channel I have called “salafi matters”. I also plan on relaunching my original podcast I did publish which was shortly lived on my previous old islamthought website. the Video channel can be found here

I plan on, insha Allah, from the series of Islamic video content to be launched, in addition to audio podcasts, are various series on topical matters. Bitcoin and cryptography will be one among other subject matters. Bitchute offers multiple channels but for members who either pay, which I may plan on doing, or who have a certain amount of subscribers. Multiple channels would help in better categorization of topical issues as series.