The Rise of Economic Liberation Theology:The New Sociological Standard Towards Liberty

There have been movements of the past formed to create a dialectic of thinking and a model of application for social existence. Mainly under the banner of “liberation theology”, a developed epistemic discourse in the 1960s, mainly developed by Latin American theologians particularly for the express purposes of liberating Latin America from their subordinate status as facilitators to imperial American interest in the region, the source of which was a by-product of the Monroe Doctrine developed at nearly the turn of the 20th century.

This dialectic then found its way to enhance race relations within Black American movements which thus initiated Black Liberation Theology. 

I myself, have used this phrase to initiate an Islamic tangent of this with regards to the geopolitical climate of an otherwise subordinate Muslim world, where various Muslim states are essentially dominated by jackals of foreign interests, whether it be western or otherwise, all of whom subjugate the wishes of the masses for their own Islamic theocratic rule of law, premised under the rule of justice. Islamic Liberation Theology is what I have spoken of in depth in the past. 

Now I think, we as humanity, have come full circle. We, as humanity, have been under a much more sinister model of enslavement, and it existed long before physical enslavement systems of the past. Even more ironic, is that the physical enslavement systems of the past were by-products of this current enslavement that most people are unaware, and quite understandably. This enslavement is mainly the money system. 

Many people can identify with an innate phenomenon in their socio-political place in life and understand that there is something very very wrong with how things are structured and its method of operation, but they cannot verbally express or cognitively identify where those wrongs are located systemically, and why! Even if someone has an idea, generally it is vague at best, and they don’t have a proper course of action to navigate out of it because they are unable to identify the problem. The educational system itself does not help in the process, it actually confounds the problem and becomes the tool used to further add to the obfuscation of reality which defacto handicaps their ability to identify what is what, and what to do about it in a logical format. 

This ignorance helps to keep the status quo going. The macro monetary system at its very core is formed to retain power at the hands of established elites established thousands of years ago by the same banking, royal, and aristocratic dynasties through the ages. The aim of this write up is not geared to provide a basic overview of this geopolitical and sociology history, as the nature of the subject matter requires massive commentary which is not the aim of this write up.

This write up will assume that the reader is already privy to the thematic premise of this write up as I am sure the reader audience has their own internal knowledge of matters that prove the them of this write up.

What I wish to proceed and focus on, is the development of a discourse of liberation theology, specifically with regards to economics, the foundation and source of all other enslavement systems.

I’am, for all intents and purposes, surprised that Economic Liberation Theology was never developed. Hence my own coining of the phrase as a concept in epistemic discourse juxtaposed to the debilitating nature of the economic systems that help neutralize populists auto-determinations of their own destiny due to the commodification of existence itself in the form of money, manipulated by monetary policies that strip economic freedom of the populace. To add insult to injury to this reprehensible crime against planetary existence of the human race, this same monetary system is created by a centralized few i.e. the dominant minority, out of nothing, to governments whose sovereign powers to create money at zero interest to its own citizenry was nullified by the legalized institutionalization of central banks, and indemnified from government oversight, input, and legal repercussions, in order to keep central banking systems beyond the reach of public oversight and answerable to any public or government legality, to be kept in the hands of private interests. 

To make matters worse, this dominant minority of finance capital can determine rates thus affecting the value of your own wealth. They can boost market economies and crash them at will. This is not the end of the ignominy of our rather dire situation. The money is not even based on value of commodities or resources. Its actually created out of debt. First, at the most satanic level of all, through the governmental level of fractional reserve lending, and then downstream towards the general public. 

This mathematic monstrosity only has one function if people haven’t put two and two together as of yet. It keeps the dominant minority in power at the detriment of pretty much, the rest of the human race. The real and fundamental war of existence, ultimately above all else, is a class war, which is rooted between humanity and psychopathy (the shaytan in Islamic epistomology), between empathy and apathy. However that itself is a far more detailed subject in geopolitical and sociological studies. 

The main point here is that it is sufficient to conclude that the fiat monetary system we live under has an enslavement affect. This enslavement affect is further reinforced through mainstream public education formatted by the dominant minority (which was thoroughly discussed by high establishment think tanks and foundations decades ago) which incentivizes the following

  1. Employee mindsets. For further insight into this mechanism, I would urge readers to learn from the great Robert Kiyosaki, who is probably the leading authority in this field of deprogramming this stint of human economic enslavement. 
  2. The elimination of logic rooted out of public education. A good population is one where they can’t figure out and navigate their way out of their enslavement
  3. Industrial based education. To simply train people to do their work and their work only. Nothing of greater import that might deter you to actually prosper into your own independent source of wealth. Life skills and basic primary education is limited to only training the slave to function decently, not even optimally, within the societal structure. 

These dehumanizing characteristics help crystalize the status quo, and by extension, enriching the rich, and at your expense, stripe us from being a sovereign independent. This basic doctrine of sovereignty has precedent even in Islam where our Prophet ﷺ has declared the man as the Lord of his domain. Not just owner, but lord. This basic innate right of humans was so well understood, it was taken for granted to be known, such that in early common law and modern western law, the castle law still remains in effect to this day. Well, mind you, the overwhelming nature of the police state apparatus as well as anti-American laws such as the Patriot Act and other regressive rights stripping policies have essentially eroded a lot of what was taken for granted as fundamental innate human rights, but I digress

Taking into account the nature of the above realities mentioned, I am more than surprised that the need for this discourse was not born out of this debilitating milieu in of economic enslavement that we currently live under!

Pioneering of Economic Liberation Theology

I believe that various individuals have helped to become pivots of economic awareness in this arena in the past. 

Historical proponents of the past who have shed light into this arena can consist of, for example William T. Still, who was an investigative journalist who did groundbreaking research into what essentially blossomed into informing the American public about the nature of money and the monetary system.

Another key player in the sphere was the John Birch Society, chief among them being the great G. Edward Griffen. Of course, i would be remiss, if not, derelict of duty not to mention a more modern example, the legendary Timothy “Max” Keiser. Another less known popular individual was former national intelligence officer and later wall street trader and broker, owner of his final stage of production, the International Forecaster, Bob Chapman. 

Since then, a slew of people have come to bring further exposure to this sphere on the nature of money and monetary policy.

Interestingly, we, as a species have not found a bypass to the system. Hence, I would say that the first pragmatic person/persons to come and actually revolutionize a method of economic independence and thus navigate out of this paradox of enslavement happened through the persona of Satoshi Nakamoto via the Bitcoin Protocol, which is the legendary creation of bitcoin.

Because of the ideological reality behind what made Bitcoin bitcoin, a variant of different and accurate slogans were formed to describe its nature. For example, the concept of “banking the unbanked” or “the separation between state and money” have emerged as concepts, which are not mere sloganeering tactics. These are accurate renditions that describe the nature of he economic abilities and nature of what bitcoin actually was. 

Since then, a whole slew of sound economic commentators emerged out if the genre of the crypto sphere like Anthony Pompliano, Andreas Antonopoulos, Jimmy Song, Jameson Lopp.

However, of all the pioneers mentioned above, I don’t think none has come so vociferously and with such detail and depth as Robert Breedlove. Indeed, if there was ever a candidacy of being the champion of Economic Liberation Theology, the baton would have to be passed to Robert Breedlove abd as the world’s greatest explainer of this movement in educating thyself of how to escape the enslaving affect of traditional banking economic systems and its properties of debilitating enslavement mechanisms that come in tandem when societies allow oligarchical structural institutions to manage, govern, control, and dictate monetary economics at every stage. 

To conclude, this area of study is a massively under focused area of review and discussion that needs more exposure to help people to contextualize their economic reality, and consequently, their own destiny, which stems as a result of their economy!