A Question on Salafi “Burnout-ism” and salaphobia

As Salafis, we dont really call or care about people genuinely abandoning the title of being salafi, as burnouts. Our way, classically, is to let bygones be bygones. Yes, advice is there, but that is it, and it is SUPPOSED to end there. However, people changing versus people becoming burnouts are completely different qualities of people. Burnouts are a peculiar class of folk, similar to a certain class of ex-muslims, who dont just continue living their life as normal people, but seem to be mentally deranged and even challenged and who make it their life-calling to live for the sake of islamaphobia and only speak on the basis of islamaphobic rhetoric i.e. how bad Islam is for the world, or in the case of salafphobes, how bad orthodox islam (salafism) is for the world. That same (il)logic of ideological thinking also is embedded in the burnout community who then become salafphobes, the miniature equivalent of their forefathers among the islamaphobes. They literally live in the same paradigm. Islamaphobes failed to comprehend that Islam was/is different than muslim, and that they actually apostated on the basis of muslims. The unislamic actions of the muslims that made them apostates, they blame on Islam, and think they are “real muslims”. The same lack of comprehension exist among the salafphobes in the burnout sphere as well . They’ve failed to comprehend that just like Islam and Muslims, that same reality is not divorced from other movements. Just like tassawuf vs sufis, bad sufis dont make the realm of tassawuf invalid. Just as salafi people have been marred with ignorance and absurdity, does nothing in terms of invalidating the immune system of Islam’s orthodoxy, i.e. salafism. You see, salafphobes among the burnout community simply lack brains. They argue “some salafis claim those other salafis “arnt real salafis“. yet they do this against “not real” muslims like daish, etc. Do you think islamaphobes care about “real muslims” distinction? They care about it as much as salafphobes care about “real salafi’ or not. This is why salafphobes and islapmaphobes are brothers of a feather who flock together ideologically. When islamaphobes equate muslims as “daish”, these same salafphobes are quick to respond “those arnt real muslims“, yet deny that same argument for the people they hate most in life, i.e. the salafis, hence their salafphobia!!!!

I dont really roll with modern sufis not because iIthink tassawuf itself as a science is invalid, but because of the mubtada’at that were introduced and “tabdiled” into the religion on account of it, by many of its proponents. But at least I have enough brains to not become a sufiphobe and deny the reality of classical orthodox tassawuf on account of what mubtadi’ah do. But alas, these are not the type of normative synaptic patterns that are happening within the cults of these phobic movements, May Allah guide them to His straight path, and to acclimate them to be real normal humans again, with empathy.