Scientocracy: The Insidious Peril of Social Collectivist Liberalism

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Why neo-social liberalism must die because it lobotomizes the brain of all who believe in it. On the current Joe Rogan brain-melting hype.

The problem with this idea of “mainstream” and its popularized variants like “official” “established”, or the current sloganeering campaign that has taken new extremes in the now current bio-terror state initiative that being “the science says”, is actually part of a concept that the famous author Benedict Anderson in his book “Imagined Communities” where he outlines that the state is what dictates a narrative that by which people are forced to comply with. Thus we have “state narratives”. Simon says has currently been replaced with “the science says” and what this sloganeering campaign is in reality is known historically in the theories of a class of people in America’s past, known as technocracy.

This very atmosphere literally operates on the same parameters as folklore and christian religious ideas had towards societal policies in how the public conceive of the world in the medieval era. It is pure dogma! There is nothing rooted whatsoever in any scientific basis by this operating procedure of the state.

In today’s world, this dogma has rebranded from one of religious dogma, to now “mainstream dogma” i.e. narrative, and it used the guise of “science“, which is really scientism at heart. It has nothing to do with factual representation of data, but a distortion of data, and a slant on how that data is interpreted, and then it is spun inside a dogmatic social converter that then make people label others with the most absurd laughable labels used. One example of such a label is this new fad called “anti-VAXX”, which is really deployed by the mindless zombies who deploy it with a religious connotation behind it, as if the folk they applied this label towards deserve to be burned to the cross for not being the zombie that the original zombie is pleased with, for having “wrong-think”.

This contradictory corruption of facts utilized by the state narrative is what lobotomizes the mind of people who allow themselves to become muqalids (fanatic blind followers) of the state. This code of conduct literally creates insanity. It deems something that opposes its notions as “conspiracy theory“, only to then deem that very “conspiracy theory” as fact months later. For those of you who are not utilizing that ol-noggin up there properly to put 2 and 2 together, this is NOT the evolution of study whereby one is wrong in a historic view and then later on they realize their error and adjust their opinion accordingly. This behavior does NOT mimick the Islamic code of khilaf whereby the typical behavior of Islamic experts that we have is with the following format

individual stance –> I view my view as correct and opposing views as likely to be incorrect

opposing stance –> I view the opposing view to be incorrect WITH THE LIKELYHOOD that IT MIGHT BE correct

This is SUPPOSE to be the behavioral methodology of every scientific discipline on the planet. This method, is even more intensified in science. The POINT of science and the scientific method and the entirety of the discipline, is that others who may think that your opinion is wrong can then take what you have and replicate it in order to prove or disprove your claim. This process is how actual science works. If the results of the replication yield the same results, then it then solidifies the original claim thus enhancing its veracity and certainty to be true, and if it does NOT yield the same result, then it reduces the veracity of the original scientific claim. That is the way science has always worked and that is the way its suppose to work. But sadly, this is not the way the current technocratic scientological intelligentsia and priesthood operate, including the “peer-review” priestly mechanism that it truly mimics from old religious priesthoods of the past.

Clarifying Liberal Agendas

The decrepit primitive intellectual cesspool that dominates the mainstream narrative, often in the leftist communities (communitarian) agenda, is literally theeeeee worst ideological function human kind has ever developed. It is not only responsible for killing more people on the planet (Hitler, Stalin, the Bolsheviks, Pol Pot, other leftists around the world, and let us not forget, Mao Zedong), but the root source of “WHY” this school of depravity is the most dangerous and most toxic corruption that human kind has ever faced is because of its intolerance of all that does not agree to its theories. Just a quick sidebar to be inserted here, the mindless zombies of the west always focus on “hitler”, and always neglect to even mention either

a. his American backed financiers among Wall Street Banks and the philanthropic organizations the mindless zombies glorify in todays world, along with the technology companies that intentionally helped the third reich like IBM, I.G. Farbin, and other industrialist American companies.

b. The British psychopathic philosophers at the time who enshrined the belief of the ultimate race and the culling of unfit types whom Hitler garnered his ideas from, and let us not forget that good ol American Henry Ford, whom Hitler as well was indoctrinated on his ideas and was politically enabled to implement them. To be fair though, this is not a UK specific phenomenon among the global psychopathic cryptocratic elite, this was a mutual cooperation of the anglo-american-israeli eugenics-elite establishment. The same eugenics community that decentralized and rebranded into the fields of “bio-ethics”, environmentalism, the UN, etc.

c. More importantly, The leftist media strategically evade more pyschopathic criminal elements of the students of this eugenical western-backed elite-imperialist movement. They always effectively fail to give coverage to Stalin, the Bolsheviks, and other societal mass murderers like Mao Zedong. Lets have a brief look at the typical leftist liberal psychology of mass persuasion. This Chairman Mao, between 1958-1962 created an initiative called “The Great Leap Forward”. He employed a tactic straight out of the socialist manifesto. Change reality by identifying something inherently toxic for people as “something good” and for their benefit. Thus this is a use of terms as oxymorons as a form of trickery and deception. How many people were slaughtered in this campaign, we truly don’t know. The most conservative estimate is around 45 million, and a more liberal estimate of 60 million was estimated by other sources. Why does Mao not receive the same epic coverage of satanic references as they do with Hitler in western liberal media? Are the lives of the Chinese not equal to the “jews”? Apparently not. What do these satanic psychopathic mass murderers have in common with western liberalism? They typically share the same utopian view of the world, typically with the caveat that the power arm of government is what will make this utopia real, which in effect entails that this envisioned utopia that only exists in the mind of a psychopath winds up being a dystopian reality for the rest of people on the ground.

The Left’s Joe Rogan MESS

Getting back to the topic, let us look at the Joe Rogan mess. Absolute zombies who have been lobotomized like irrelevant artists on Spotify tried to threaten Spotify with pulling their irrelevant music out of Spotify for allowing a platform for Joe Rogan. A commentary said it quite hilariously.

It’s funny seeing washed-up has-beens threaten to pull their music from a platform used mostly by people who haven’t the foggiest idea who they are though

anonymous commenter

Aside from the fact that this is utter wussification, (and we can seriously substitute the w for a more accurate letter) this is the type of absurd skullduggery intolerance that is typical to libtardian leftist politics. You dont find this type of decrepit intolerant behavior with any other ideology, OR religion on the planet. Even madkhalis do not have this type of moronic intolerance for all other views that oppose their own. And I’d say Madkhalis are pretty up there following closely.

The proof of Libtardian illogic

What is even worse than their intolerant behavior that is truly a threat to humanity, is that what they did made no sense. They operated on the theory that uncle Joe is UPON the “anti-VAXX” train “ERRMYGURRDD. hE iS aNtI-vAxXxX” as they loose their marbles. Well, this only exposed their mental lobotomiztion because that is NOT what actually happened. All uncle Joe did, was, being the OPEN MINDED FREE THINKER that he is, wanted to interview two extremely high-end medical scientists, not your average MD’s, in the field who know exactly what they’re talking about, unlike most of the totalitarian medical establishment of scientism (not science). And, like true scientists that they are, provided the scientific medical basis for their claims, which were once conspiracy theory or “pseudo-science” and are now facts, but still are treated with vehemence from the mainstream because that is not the agenda.

The reason why the mainstream have a hard time dealing with opposing views is because they dont operate on the basis of evaluating the veracity of data and to arrive at truth objectively and follow what the actual data leads them without geopolitical spin i.e. the scientific method, the code of conduct of state narrative operates on established or sanctioned narratives DESPITE any yielding results that may contradict those narratives. And how these narratives are formed is measured by what is in the interest of the dominant minority for the express purposes of totalitarian control, and is distributed via manufacturing consent i.e. your mainstream publications.

Mainstream Narrative AS Lysenkoism

In today’s bio-security terror state of expertology and ultimately, technocracy, the mainstream does NOT operate on science at all as noted above. The type of pseudo science that your Imam dr. Fauci and your other con artists operate on is Lysenko science.

Let us have a historical look at your pseudo “scientific” narratives that were either once true now-turned false, or once false now-turned true.

1. about a year ago, the REAL science that dictated the idea that even if you were vaccinated, you could still catch covid and could still spread covid, was deemed “conspiracy theory” by many of the lobotomized who blindly believed in the state narrative on social media. When I informed people on social media, they reacted like the typical automotons that your state narrative persuaded your mind to react like. Whats even worse, was your medical tawaghit lords like fauci openly made this claim against scientific fact THAT WAS KNOWN AT THE TIME.

Ah yes, Rachel Maddow made the same unscientific declaration in concert with the rest of the scientific elite at the time, with absolutely no scientific evidence whatsoever.

Maddow was not the only one to manufacture this bologna in the name of science and scientific fact, as I said above, this was a coordinated dis-information campaign of the liberal mainstream media. Other cohorts in this campaign were individuals like the unqualified Bill Gates, which is ironic considering the lobotomized muqalids who hype over the fact that people who have simple reservations of what this manufactured “science” is telling them are usually labelled as “unqualified”, yet the perfectly unqualified like Bill Gates can take it upon himself to make medical directives in the same capacity as “medical experts”. I guess we do live in an oligarchy where money is the fabric of authority.

Who else, ahh yes, CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky likewise played a role in this alleged scientific but actual dis-information campaign along with a myriad of other “experts” brought to the fore by the state narrative industrial complex.

This was blasted all over media to help manufacture a consent for the public towards an idea that was desirable for your owners. Now, for the past couple months, this once considered conspiracy theory is in fact scientific fact now. However, if you postulated this fact just one year earlier, you would have been de-platformed by yours truly, the leftist libbtards that make up the mainstream.

lets continue

2. Over 1.5 years ago, when I followed the science that made clear that “masks” did not help anyone avert you acquiring covid NOR did it mitigate spreading it, the same not-so-bright of the mainstream left tried to identify this fact as “pseudo science” and conspiracy. This was quite an irony considering that the manufacturers of these masks blatantly posted on the boxes it couldn’t do anything to prevent or spread covid. Openly stating this opinion societally meant that you could be de-platformed, suspended, or viewed as crazy by the massive mindless zombies that make up the muqalids of the state narrative.

Now, in present day- this once conspiracy theory is now fact. What is even worse is, even in the mind of this lysenko science that most of you operate on thinking its actual science, it didn’t turn into science because the science says so, it merely turned into fact simply because the narrative has now deemed it so. What’s even worse than this is, that people still use these masks ficticiously thinking it will help mitigate the spread of, or acquirement of covid.

3. Over 2 years ago, when I provided medical documentation that previous generations of covid (of the sars-cov family) was developed from a lab, and in effect, all variations of it were likewise developed in a lab, this was deemed conspiracy theory. Now, this fact once deemed conspiracy, is on the cover of newsweek.


Real human people cannot operate on this type of insanity in the way that the liberal mainstream media can. The reason the lobotomized public can is because they are themselves mentally incapable and cannot think for themselves. They are mindless automatons who then receive their marching orders upstream from the state narrative via the epistemic route of osmosis. The intellectually crippled have the audacity to call a community of people questioning the veracity of the current scamdemic/plandemic

(scamdemic- the dialect reference term used to identify the social and political slime-ball tactics of extortion in the realm of governance to sway the public to take actions that seem to reveal that are actually harmful to them. In NO WAY is this to be construed as stripping the veracity of the actual covid-19 virus and the lives it claims, or is attached to the other medical ailments)

(plandemic- the dialectic term in reference to the historical FACT that this entire covid-19 episode was literally rehearsed by the totalitarian foundation-backed medical establishment in 2019, which the mainstream media has deemed “conspiracy theory”, which is not a theory, but an actual historical event that has actually happened and was publicized for crying out loud.)

as a “crisis of epistemology‘. In other words, the lobotomized, no matter their establishment education as “experts” have labeled the now global unilateral public backlash against this fraudulent activity as a crisis of epistemology whereby, and as they narrate this issue, where “the unqualified question the qualified” and the very basis of rightful and sound epistemic authority has been turned upside down. No my friends, Im sorry to inform your incapable of mind of putting 2 and 2 together, this is not a crisis of epistemology, it is the crisis of undermining epistemic authority by substituting established logical scientific authority with state, agenda-based directives, that ye conceive not and would inexorably call “conspiracy theory”.

In science, When you completely disable the ability for someone to put on the chopping block and test the veracity of a claim, you have effectively left science altogether, and have entered an incoherent dogma, built on superstition, a world of illogic that makes no sense. You don’t have science no more. What you effectively have is a priesthood, a scientaucracy based on the merits of a lysenkoist methodology of “science”.